On the outskirts of Bhopal city, The Jehan Numa Retreat
is the latest offering from the Jehan Numa Hotels.

Sprung up from the earth as it were, at the edge of a green forest – the Van Vihar National Park – this snug spa and resort has been created in the tradition of a culture and life that is nourished by its relationship with nature. And in turn, it nourishes guests – and revives them, body and soul.

It is also a discreet fantasy refuge for the business traveller, worlds away from the cares of a life of unrelenting responsibility and its accompanying social whirl. And unexpectedly, a totally different kind of conference venue presents itself as an exclusive experience, complete with high-tech conference facilities, in an unusual setting.

The Retreat is also the gateway to or the last post on a nature trail through Madhya Pradesh. Prepare yourself for that journey at this stupendous spot where animals gather at the nearby waterhole, and flights of whistling teals fly across a setting sun as you are pampered and pulled into the inviting natural beauty of the middle state of India. Or, return from that memorable journey and unwind to gently make the transition back into your regular world.

A surprising luxury camouflaged by native simplicity of a tree-lined estate,
the Jehan Numa Retreat is truly a gift to the traveller.

A surprising luxury is camouflaged by the native simplicity of a tree-lined estate, and the subtle elegance of Jehan Numa’s nawabi tradition is imbued in fine details and caring service. An intimate collection of low-slung cottages are uniquely designed with sloping walls and roofs, borrowing details of tribal and rural art on mud-coloured walls and courtyards. Exquisite colonial and ethnic décor combine with local craft and warm colours of Indian dyes and stone.

The focus is on the natural and the organic, a harmonious reconnection of the body, mind and soul with the luxurious gifts of nature. The tranquil silence is broken only by birdsong and animal sounds as guests unwind and replenish themselves under a wide Bhopal sky. A lush golfing green in a far corner beckons the meditative golfer. The Spa offers a premium experience with a holistic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments. The kitchen serves wholesome and delicious dishes using many of the organic vegetables and ingredients grown at the Retreat. The forest and the National Park transport visitors to a natural habitat rich in animal and birdlife – visit, walk, listen and watch.


Deceptively simple from the outside, the rooms are
surprisingly luxurious within.

28 rooms in 6 residential cottage clusters, these charmingly styled huts could easily have been transplanted here from a local village deep in the heart of the country – were it not for the fine luxury within. Modern sophisticated amenities are a welcome counterfoil to the simple yet elegant earthiness of the Jehan Numa Retreat. All rooms are air-conditioned, have a separate living area, ensuite bathrooms, stocked mini-bars, LCD televisions with premium cable channels, coffee/tea makers, room safes and wireless Internet access.

Jehan Numa’s signature restaurant and the hub where guests gather
A fine dining restaurant with a bar and lounge
Dining at the Retreat is characterized by Jehan Numa’s reputation for fine food and wine. Classic personalized service continues quietly and efficiently – with a subtle grace that adds serenity to your experience. Apart from the two enchanting restaurants, guests can help themselves to wholesome and delicious sandwiches and salads from the pantry at any time.

UNDER THE JAMUN TREE: In almost every season, dining at Jehan Numa’s signature restaurant – Under the Jamun Tree, is a visual and sensual delight. Guests linger here as much for the ambience and the setting, as for the delicious kebabs and curries created by the house kitchen. Download Menu

THE CORIANDER LEAF: The Coriander Leaf is a fine dining restaurant with a bar and lounge, a space that allows the light and greens and outdoors to enter and surround you as you enjoy a range of global cuisines.

The Jasmine Room: Elegant, modern and hosts upto 100 guests.
Dine in perfect harmony with nature.
A unique event and conference venue presents itself as an exclusive experience in an unusually beautiful and eco-friendly setting. The 2000 sq feet conference hall with a 1100 sq ft Verandah and surrounding lawns are elegant venues in perfect harmony with the natural beauty of the environment. Modern business and conference facilities make them ideal for business as well as social events.

A perfect destination for an off-site, the Retreat allows teams to cool off and re-energize, even as they build strong bonds as a group, brainstorm, party and unwind. With 28 rooms, a rejuvenating spa, outdoor pool, a golf green, birds and the call of the wild – this is indeed the prescribed getaway from the workplace.

The Retreat and its environs are entirely designed for leisure.
Unwind, connect with yourself and with nature. Get pampered, get moving, be still, explore, meditate, create, discover nature. You could also visit the sights of the City, and for a complete experience of nawabi hospitality in a gracious and beautiful setting, check out the the Jehan Numa Palace. It is a buzzing happening stately residence with some of best restaurants in town, and will welcome you with a charming courtesy.

CHAKRA: The spacious spa and wellness centre, has indoor therapy rooms for an expert range of massages, amongst other rejuvenating treatments and facilities.

THE RETREAT POOL: An inviting 20 m open-air swimming pool designed for your pleasure.

THE GOLF GREEN: Even the non-golfers are attracted to the verdant Golf Green with the flagstick waving in the breeze at a far corner of the Retreat. Golfing guests are often found perfecting their putting and chipping in these perfect environs, as close to the focused meditative zone they would like to own during a game of golf, that ultimate de-stressor if you allow it to be.

VAN VIHAR NATIONAL PARK: The Retreat arranges for visits to the Van Viar National Park maintained by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh, a forested park whose outer boundaries nudge and almost flow into the JehanNuma estate. Visitors to the zoological park can drive, cycle or walk through the natural habitat, where trenches and walls have been built to protect the wealth of animal life. Tigers, bears, lions, crocodiles are kept in open enclosures, while free ranging animals like the sambhar and the blackbuck are only kept in by the outer boundaries of the forest. The Park is a birdwatcher’s delight – over two hundred species of birds are to be found here and the Upper Lake adjoining the Park attracts thousands of migratory birds in winter.

The Jehan Numa Retreat is 18 km from Bhopal airport and
10 km from the railway station.

On the road route from Bhopal city to various trourist trails of Madhya Pradesh, The Jehan Numa Retreat is 18 km from Bhopal airport and 10 km from the railway station. Guests can request for a car to receive them on arrival and transfer them on departure.

Bhopal is well connected to all cities in India. There are three daily direct flights to and from Delhi and Mumbai and one each from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Train connections are excellent. Most trains traveling east to west or north to south stop at Bhopal.


Bhopal Airport 18 km (30 minutes)
Bhopal Railway Station 10 km (20 minutes)
Habibganj Railway Station 10 km (20 minutes)
City centre 02 km (05 minutes)
Nearest shopping centre/Cineplex 03 km (05 minutes)
Central Business District 05 km (15 minutes)


Sanchi Stupas – 50 Km away from the hotel. Dating back to the 3rd Century BC, this ancient Buddhist monastery is a must visit. (1 hour 15 mins drive)

Bhimbetka Caves –  50 Km away from the hotel. Bhopal’s second UNESCO protected heritage site, Bhimbetka features ancient cave paintings and magnificent rock formations. (1 hour 15 mins drive)

Bhopal Old City – 3 Km from the hotel. Relive the fascinating lives of the Begums of Bhopal. The hotel arranges guided tours of the old city, guests will be able to visit all major monuments. (4 hour tour with a local guide)

Bhopal Lake – 2 Km from the hotel – Enjoy magnificent sunsets, romantic boat rides and leisurely walks along the beautiful Bhopal lake.

Museums of Bhopal – 1 Km from the city – walking distance from the hotel, the State Museum, Tribal Museum and Museum of Man offer a wonderful insight into Central Indian culture.

Old City Chowk – 3 Km away from hotel. This centuries old market has everything you need. Narrow alleys radiating out of the market reveals the true essence of the city